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We provide in depth coverage and analysis of basketball at all levels in Florida. Our knowledgeable staff of scouts, writers and communications team makes CROSS RANKINGS100 the top credible basketball website in the southeast. Our goal is to provide the best event showcase and online experience for basketball coaches, players, scouts, parents and fans.

Tip off the season playing high level competition. The best way to prepare for the upcoming season is competing against the best to evaluate talent and skill level. A number of players start their athletic careers at event showcases and earn exposure including scholarship offers from their play.

Attending players and teams will compete against the best of the best in a showcase setting. Teams will consist of comparable talent, size and age group coached by travel team or high school coaches. A number of players have started their stories at this showcase and earned scholarship offers from their play. We host annual showcases in determined locations throughout the state identifying top talent and teams. We look forward to seeing what teams and players are the next up and coming basketball talent in this region.


KING OF THE COURT SHOWCASES Iis a community-based youth sports events management organization established to expose and empower student athletes through athletics. The purpose and vision is to help educate, expose and instruct boys and girls, between the ages of 8-18.

We host annual showcases in determined locations throughout the state identifying top talent and teams. Our goal is to help develop and expose athletic talents, so youth with a identified skill level set may eventually receive athletic and academic achievements, high school diplomas, and college scholarships. The impact of sports events for youth has demonstrated and improved our youth’s attitudes, self esteem, confidence, grades, relationships, respect for peers and elders as well as reducing crime in the community. Director, Dan Cross, has designed basketball event showcases to equip student athletes in surrounding communities and states with the necessary tools to become productive young men and women to compete at their highest levels of sports and academics.

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