Addressing the Future

Athlete Connections Foundation recognizes the investment and dedication both from the educational institutions and student-athlete. We also relate to the different emotions a student-athlete might go through once his/her athletic career is over. A “what now?” feeling is natural for athletes who have been playing sports the majority of their lives, and must now try to transition to life after sports. At the end of their athletic career the transition for most athletes will be the biggest adjustment he/she will make; bigger than any shot made, any ball caught or thrown.

The NCAA reports that, in the 2010-2011 academic year there were over 400,000 student-athletes participating in collegiate sports in the United States – an average of 373 athletes per NCAA member institution. Data from the 2010-2011 Academic Progress Rate shows that 1,201 student-athletes in 2010-2011 left for the professional ranks. This translates to nearly 62,000 student-athletes entering the work force every year who will not play at the professional level.

Student-athletes possess all the necessary qualities to make them very valuable employees/employers in the workforce. They have already acquired attractive skills through involvement in their sport that would be a great asset to any employer. Qualities like time management, teamwork, competitiveness, loyalty, discipline, and leadership skills are needed in any business.

Athlete Connections Foundation is dedicated to helping make a difference in the lives of student athletes and impact educational institutions with life skill preparation. Our services expand outside of life skill curriculums into real world experiences by providing student athlete career fairs. We bring athletes together in a controlled environment with the public/ private sectors and potential employers for the purpose of mentoring, networking, financial advising, internships and employment opportunities. This is a designed system that can benefit educational institutions, student-athletes, athletic departments, staffing and affiliates for years to come. provides additional online tools to compliment its services. The goal of Athlete Connections is to address the futures of the 99% of student-athletes who do not go on to play professional sports and insure that they receive all the assistance they need to obtain meaningful life skill preparation and opportunity after their athletic career is over.